Story of Change

The only thing permanent in this world is change. This is a philosophy we are all aware of. We all encounter and deal with change. Some of us deal with it proactively and others reactively. Some of us offer great resistance to change and others embrace change more openly. Today’s discussion would revolve around the idea of possibility and desire for a change.

Let us consider two factors — 1) Is change possible? 2) Is change desirable?

I am not sure you have considered this idea before, but if you haven’t then, you are welcome. If we measure possiblity of change and desirability of change on a two dimensional axis, it opens up 4 quadrants.

1) Change possible Change desirable.
2) Change not possible Change not desirable.
3) Change not possible Change desirable.
4) Change possible Change not desirable.

Without rushing, I would like to present you a mental challenge. Can you find out relevant examples from your life that would fit each of these four quadrants. It is a healthy mental excercise which would bring about a certain clarity and better understanding of your current reality.

Example 1: Change Possible and Change Desirable is anything you look forward to in future in terms of material gains. New House, New Car, New Bike, New Phone. The change is both possible and desirable.

Example 2: Change Not Possible Change Not Desirable: It is not possible to bring back the dinosaurs and for most humans it would not figure in the desirability quadrant either. It is not possible to change your parents and if you have had a healthy childhood, I would assume you wouldn’t desire for it too.

Example 3: Change Desirable Change Not Possible is your fantasy. Your fantasy of going back in time. Your fantasy of not growing old or may be your fantasy to act in the next Marvel Superhero Movie. All of these examples represent a reality which may be desirable but not possible.

Example 4: Change Possible Not Desirable: I would like to request you to bring your complete focus on to this quadrant. This blogpost is completely about the importance and yet gross neglect of this quadrant. Is it possible for you to get fitter? Yes… Is it desirable?? May be No.
Is it possible to learn a new technology to improve your career prospects. Yes.. But is it desirable… No.. Is it possible to stop using plastic… Yes.. Big yes.. Is it desirable .. No.. I could go on and on with more and more questions.

You would find that your “Suffering” on planet earth has its root cause in this quadrant.
Think of your Financial, Professional, Personal life. Each of the sector has certain pain areas you wish to improve. If you dig deep enough you would find that the areas which you have identified as your weak areas are not areas you cannot improve but you do not wish to. You have built a wall around those skills and fooled yourself to believe you can only be so good. However it is a lie which needs to be shattered. You surely can be Kinder,Stronger, Better person than ever only if you desire to.Most of us eat way more than we should. It is possible to be more disciplined but we don’t desire to and later end up paying huge bills in a hospital or in least suffering intense physical and mental pain as a result of gluttony.

You have learnt Java, Trigonometry, Organic Chemistry and a zillion other subjects. For each subject ask yourself this question. Was it possible for you to be better in java. — yes.. So why are you not better than you are currently. Because you settled for a level your heart desired for. Each one of us choose a personal level of satisfaction in terms of how good we can be. We are limited by our desires. We are limited by our desire to be good.

What if we could desire to be better than we are. What if the desire to be ordinary, the desire to be average is stopping you from achieving phenomenal growth. We also have a “Itna kaafi hai” moments in every area of life. Health, Wealth, Professional Growth, Learning, Love, Parenting, Friendship. We have settled for way lower than what each of us could be.

Traffic is a great example of how much potential we have to be kind to our fellow travellers. We are extremely insensitive towards others. The prime reason being the lack of desire to be a better driver, better citizen, better human.

So find out your grey zone of possibility. Is there a possibility to desire higher and better. I believe your life and the lives you touch would improve greatly if you learn to desire better.

Corporate Trainer by profession, Philosopher by heart and Writer by choice.