My Ridiculous Project Day 221

“Your 1st blog post will be bad, but your 1000th will be great.
Your 1st workout will be weak, but your 1000th will be strong.
Your 1st meditation will be scattered, but your 1000th will be focused.
Put in your reps.”
— James Clear

I quit. I quit more often than I start.
I commit and then forget what did I commit to.

Welcome to My Ridiculous Project — A project I have chosen to take up to build my Discipline Muscles, Commitment and Consistency.

You may not be interested in what I do and this project may not have anything to offer to you, but I hope someone somewhere who struggles like me, finds hope and begins his own ridiculous journey towards commitment, consistency and growth.

​I am sharing my work with all of you not to show off my brilliance but to prove to myself that I can keep a commitment made to My Own Self.

In case you are interested to know WHY I am doing WHATEVER I am doing, you can start here:




Corporate Trainer by profession, Philosopher by heart and Writer by choice.

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Debanjan Chakravorty

Debanjan Chakravorty

Corporate Trainer by profession, Philosopher by heart and Writer by choice.

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