My Ridiculous Project Day 1

Debanjan Chakravorty
2 min readDec 9, 2020

I quit. I quit more often than I start.

I commit and then forget what did I commit to.

I sometimes think of myself as a genius and sometimes I hate and doubt myself like no one else.

As I write this, I have purchased 945+ books on Kindle and yet completed just over two dozen of them. I buy every book thinking I will read this book and it will change my life forever. Few books did change my life, but I have too many unfinished projects.

I am sad, tired, frustrated, irritated, lost, confused with who I am. As the year started, I set up a Whatsapp status which read —” Be like a postage stamp, stick to one thing until you get there”.

Except for me sticking to the status for all year long, I haven’t achieved much.

Hence, tired and frustrated I decided to try something. Try something — simple and silly. I decided to be RIDICULOUS. I thought I aim too high achieve too little and then feel like a failure all through. I decided to go small and decided to get rid of PERFECTIONIST ideas regarding the project.

The Diary I use to capture my ideas daily

I committed to writing 100 words per day for 1000 days starting Sep 1 2020. All my previous attempts had tanked and I decided to live by my words this time and try and stick to it. And, honestly, When I started off, I did not know that Seth Godin has been writing daily for 20 plus years and Srinivas Rao writes 1000 words daily. All I wanted to do was build a habit and stick to it. That is all.

To make it more challenging, I decided that I will keep it to myself for the first 100 days and then go public. Even if I fail having gone public, I wanted to at least survive a 100 days before I quit.

So here is my first RIDICULOUS Post and I hope to share my work with all of you not to show off my brilliance but to prove to myself that I can keep a commitment made to My Own Self.

Day 1 Sep 1 2020

As I am ready to share my Day 1 with you, I have completed 100 days of my RIDICULOUS challenge. I hope to complete the remaining 9 sprints too and in the process learn a thing about Commitment and Consistency.



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